General Safety Rules

safety rules

  1. Always wear approved goggles at shooting range and in or near playing field. Not adhering to this rule is cause for immediate dismissal from the games. In goggles required areas the goggles/mask may not be removed for any reason which includes but is not limited to: fogging, painted lenses or during an injury.
  2. The provided barrel blocking device must be used when not shooting or when you are not in an active field of play.
  3. Never shoot at anyone who is not wearing approved eye protection or anyone whose safety gear is not in place.
  4. A player is emphatically disallowed from shooting at any other player showing neutrality symbol, any non-player, any judge or any animal or bird.
  5. No player may shoot at any person, object or animal outside the perimeter of the active playing field. This includes not shooting an opponent who is within 5 meters from you.
  6. No player may intentionality shoot at any other player’s head or face. Repeats will be out of the game for the rest of the day.
  7. Observe all safety rules applicable to firearms when handling paintball guns or other gas powered devices capable of launching projectiles.
  8. Never shoot anything from a paintgun except the water-soluble paintballs provided by Paintball Bali.
  9. All paintguns will have been chronographed prior to use in play and shall not exceed a velocity of 300 feet per second.
  10. Never shoot at another person in anger or with intent the cause harm.
  11. Firearms, knives, and explosives are strictly forbidden.
  12. No physical confrontation between players, i.e. hand-to-hand combat, taking prisoners, etc. is permitted.
  13. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the playing field area is prohibited.
  14. Smoking is allowed only up to the staging area and strictly prohibited on the field or when handling the paintgun.
  15. National, regional, state, provincial and local laws apply.
  16. Paintball guns used in paintball games must not have a paintball or other projectile chambered while in the staging or parking area unless used by referees for demonstration purposes. (excludes target range area).
  17. Never look down the barrel to see if it’s dirty. Call on a referee if there is any problem with the Paintguns.
  18. Paintguns without approved barrel blocking devices must be carried on safe, with the barrel pointing to the ground while in the staging, neutral or parking area. No waving them around in a neutral area.
  19. No going up trees (or no roofs, if applicable).
  20. No discharging or dry firing of paintball guns is allowed in any neutral or non-playing area.
  21. Do not use a paintgun until you have been versed on its use and understand such use.
  22. Do not shoot across neutral or staging areas or parking lots.
  23. You cannot play or spectate without signing a waiver/liability release.
  24. The safety rules mentioned on this card is the abbreviated version. Full rules are clearly posted next to the stage area. It is assumed that every player will read the full safety rules posted.