Game Scenario


Bali Paintball Arena offers various different types of games. Here are the most popular games which are also played at any international events.

a. Capture the Flag

This ‘capture the flag’ or ‘flag in the middle’ is played in Castle Island field. The objective of this game is to capture the flag (which is placed in the middle of the field) and deliver it to the enemy’s starting point without being shot. In one game we have two sessions that go for approximately fifteen minutes each. In both sessions we introduce what we call the ‘reincarnation period’, which means that if you get shot in the first five minutes of that session (and the bullet splats) you are not out of the game, you simply return to your starting point and then re-enter the game. However if you are shot after the first five minutes you must leave the field immediately.

b. Attack and Defend

Attack and Defend is a game where one team is being the defender of a ‘village’ and the other team is the attacker. The defending team is not allowed to leave the shelters until the attacking team has fired a shot, however the defending team can shoot at the attacking team from inside the shelters. In this game there is no reincarnation period and the winning team is the team that has the last man standing. There are two sessions in this game and each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes each.

c. Open Country

In this field we play the two flag game; in this game each team has their own flag which is placed at each starting points. The objective of this game is to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your starting point. There is no reincarnation period in this game, but again there are two sessions and each session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

The above games are just few of many other games that can be played in our compound. Our well-experienced referees will set and supervise the game at their best for your full satisfaction during the session.